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Formally known as TBDcon

A card and board game design and prototype convention for Gamers, Designers, Publishers, Artists, and Manufacturers.


To Be Designed Convention (TBD Con) was an idea that spawned out of a discussion at a Dallas Designers Group meet up in early 2014. With BoardGameGeek hosting the largest strictly board-gaming convention in the US (BGG.CON) in November, we realized that many designers, publishers and key figures in the industry would be arriving and staying in Dallas, TX during that time and that this provided us with a unique opportunity. We held TBDcon with great success in 2014. Because of the Dallas Designer Group focusing on a lot of kickstarter projects, not enough time was left over for TBDcon in 2015. At BGG.CON, many approached us to encourage us to hold the event again. After some discussion, the organizers of TBDcon realized there wasn't much difference in the TBDcon convention organizers and the attendees of the weekly Dallas Designers Group and renamed the convention to DDGcon.

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Our goal:

Prototype and designer conventions are rising in popularity around the US. The numbers of these events are growing, and more and more people are attending the events every year. Our goal is to offer a unique and different experience than other prototype conventions. While playtesting still forms a large and significant portion of what we offer, our primary interest is in creating an A-Z of publishing card and board games. We want to help game designers with every step of the way from the very beginning of a game design idea to the very end of having a game in retail stores. Playtesting is simple one (very important) step to this process.

To this end, we are constantly working towards expanding and including more key players in the industry, and providing designers the opportunity to meet with and talk to people from all the areas of the industry. Not only is this valuable to designers, who want to learn and understand all the possibilities available for their game ideas, but it is also valuable for all the interested parties to market and improve their products and services. Artists, manufacturers, publishers, designers (and the groups they represent) and more all under one roof and all with a single purpose to get more games into stores and into the homes of gamers. Regardless of the stage of game design, or the area of the industry you work in, you will always have something to gain from DDGcon.

Who we are:
  • Brad Shankle
  • CW Karstens
  • Dave Ferguson
  • John Olson
  • Scott Hansen
  • Val Teixeira
  • plus many, many more!

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Updated: March 11, 2016